Jen Gets Personal!

Hey there!! Thanks so much for being interested enough in me to pop on over to my blog!! So, I’ve done social media introductions before, but I’m going to get a little more personal this time! It’s going to be a little more info than the facts that photography & spending time with family are my all-time passions in life. They absolutely are…but I want you to get to know ME. I love getting to know my clients…hearing your story & having the high honor of capturing it in priceless photographs. Now I want you to get to know me as well. I like to think of my photography business as more than just a business. I want it to be a community of friends!! So let’s do this!!

Photo credit goes to my daughter Lauren (my assistant in training). Just us being silly together.

Photo credit goes to my daughter Lauren (my assistant in training). Just us being silly together.

I’m going to start you off a little slow so that I don’t scare you off LOL. But remember before you read on, like Planet Fitness, this is a judgement free zone!!


Jim Thorpe

My son & I love spending time here!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE this door. Not only is it teal, (my branding color), it is probably over 100 years old. For me, there is nothing with more character than an antique. I would take a big, old farmhouse, with all of its problems, over new construction any day of the week. Now I’m not saying new houses aren’t beautiful as well, they certainly can be. Plus, they are nowhere near the high maintenance that an old farmhouse would be, but none the less, I am drawn to them. Now back to the color teal; it is all over my home office. If you receive mailings from me, or order products from me, you will see the color teal somewhere in the packaging. I also love pink, rose gold & glitter!!

Not personal enough yet? Okay, here’s something; When I come up with an idea or something I want or even something I want to accomplish…I want it NOW! I don’t want to do research, I don’t want to take the time to search for the best prices, I WANT IT NOW. I’m not super proud of this trait. I am working on it. My husband is the complete opposite of this, so he is good for me. He keeps me grounded & gets my head out of the clouds (most of the time).


I have an addiction, something I CAN NOT be without. Lip balm!! I keep one in my camera bag, one in my purse, there is one in my Jeep, on my nightstand and on my desk. A lip balm is never out of my reach. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning!! I am not loyal to one brand. In fact, just when I think I found “the one”, I try a new brand & love that one just as much. If anyone knows of a new brand I should try, shout it out!! It can be plain, flavored, or leave a tint of color, I don’t care, I love them all.


So before I bore you with too many facts about me, I just have one more to share. This is my “weird” thing. Remember, judgement free zone!! You know those notifications next to your apps? They are the little red circles with a number…notice my phone (see picture) doesn’t have any? The reason is they drive me CRAZY!! I have to clear them immediately. I literally can’t concentrate if I know there is a number next to an app. This is not because I have to know what the notification is, (if I’m busy I’ll just clear it without reading what it was for), it’s simply just because I HATE having little numbers next to my apps. It looks messy to me, I like things nice & neat. I’m not a clean freak but I can’t concentrate in clutter.

Well, that’s me! Jen Mertz, the girl behind the Canon! Feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.