About Me

I am a mother and a creative, a photographer and a friend.  These are my absolute passions in life!  I am constantly chasing beautiful light, I love all things pretty and I'm distracted by anything that shimmers and sparkles :) 

If I’m not behind the camera, you might find me antiquing or at a flea market. Or you might just find me at the beach!!! I’m lucky enough to have parents with a house at Bethany Beach, so if you are ever in that area & want a session, hit me up!!

Besides photography, another passion of mine is writing. I find it very therapeutic. My teenage daughter and I have been writing a children’s book together. We’re hoping to make it a series and even if it never gets published, I absolutely cherish the time we spend doing this together.

I love meeting new people! Capturing your story through my lens is an honor that I take very seriously but we will have fun doing it, I promise!!

Something I wrote and mean it from the bottom of my heart…

“For all of you I wish for; true love & happy endings, lifelong friends & forgiving lessons. The ability to see & hear with your heart, and endless chances for a brand new start.” - Jen Mertz

Want to know a little more about me? Pop on over to the blog, it gets real personal over there!!